Indie Hits 21
Best of Indie Hits 21

Best of Indie Hits 21

Another mixtape, another winner!

If you’re a fan of Indie Hits Mixtapes than you know him. He is the winner of Indie Hits 9 and he’s back with another club banger called “We Trippy”. His name is FOSTER CHILD and you can find more about him below.


Born as John Foster in western Pennsylvania and raised on the outskirts of Washington, DC in Northern Virginia, Foster Child’s style is an amalgamation of different influences that he has been exposed to throughout his life. Foster Child’s web following know him to be a MONSTER on every track. Foster Child’s poetic deliverance and confident swagger is why some industry insiders have called him the best unsigned talent they have ever heard. Highly sought after web based beat makers, who have never met Foster Child but who know his work, have turned down thousands of dollars from bids from others for their tracks and have given those tracks to Foster Child for free—just to have his performance on their track. Influenced by such artists as Outkast, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Big L, Ghostface, AZ and Rakim, Foster Child has developed a style like no other. Foster Child says his lyrics come from his thoughts and his experiences. He says that very often he will just spit lyrics out from the top of his head instead of writing them down when he hears a track that brings up certain feelings, emotions and experiences. Foster Child envisions his music as something that anyone can relate to. His aim is to reach a broad audience with his straight forward deliverance and his poetic verses.

John (aka Foster Child) decided to use the name Foster Child because it defined him and his life mixed in with his music. The definition of a foster child is a child raised by someone who is not its natural or adoptive parent. So, every time they ask him why he calls himself Foster Child, he gives them an honest and deep answer. “All through my life music was my medicine to the pain and anger I felt through life. When no one was there for me in my darkest hours the tempo and the melody of a song eased my mind and lifted my spirits. Call me crazy but the kick, the snare, and the strings talked to me and reminded me that I was put on this earth to speak my voice through music to the ears and the minds that tune in. God gave me someone called music so that when it seemed like the world had my back against the wall, music made an exit for me to escape my troubles. The beat fathered me and the melody nurtured me like a mother and lifted me up as if they were my non-biological parents. I am a Foster Child because I am adopted by music.”

Follow him on twitter: @FosterVA
FOSTER CHILD is available for drops, performances, interviews, live appearances & all other bookings: contact 703.861.3557 or by email at .

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