Indie Hits 17
Best of Indie Hits 17

Best of Indie Hits 17

Another mixtape, another winner. This month’s BEST INDIE HITS 17 ARTIST is King Terry III.

King Terry III is a creative hip hop story teller that’s starting to creep up on the national music scene. Terry James III was born and raised in Altamonte Springs, Florida and not only came up listening to the r&b oldies played by his elders, but also had an ear for good hip hop, rhymes and hooks. In time he developed his style and writing skills. Those skills helped him win numerous music awards in the Orlando area which also gained him many fans for his accomplishments. King Terry III is a rare exception in the ever changing world of Hip-Hop. In a genre where new artists come and go plagued with gimmicks and schemes, King Terry III manages to remain true to himself.

Destine to be a household name, King Terry III possess the musical creativity and charisma to become one of the greats. The result of his work on his latest EP “All Day All Night” a unique brand of Hip-Hop that can be described as a cross between Indie Hip Hop and Mainstream Hip Hop with a good feel. Building his brand and boasting over 200,000 social network followers, His songs have been trending on Soundcloud 5 times in 2014. Heard on and talked about on radio, magazines and blogs like Swurvradio Lastfm Spitfire HipHop Rap Sheet Dingus DJbooth the sky is the limit for the 25 year old King Terry III as he works hard to make his mark in Hip-Hop history.

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